Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #7

Another flash fiction contest from the highly (tooth) polished Janet Reid:

100 words or fewer, using:  


(This one merited, "Special recognition for entries that cracked me up.")

“Look on Chumster.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a selachimorpha-sharing website. There’s only 3 degrees of separation between sea-going creatures.”

“Expensive to join?”

“Just a couple buckets of clams, and you see everyone’s dating profile.”

“Is it some fancy-pants sharks only site? What about the cartilaginously-challenged?”

“No, it’s not selective. Even lawyers and literary agents are allowed.”

“I’m game.”

And that was how they met. He was a nine-armed tugboat-chasing architeuthis, she a high-minded blood-swilling carcharadon.

Ships were sunk. Legends were written. They swam off into the murky sunset, suction cup in razor fin. 

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