Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #5

This one is a writing contest from A.S. King, originally brought to my attention by Janet Reid's post.

You can find this author at:  http://www.as-king.info/2013/08/win-advance-copy-of-reality-boy.html

Want to win an ARC of REALITY BOY? All you have to do is follow 3 little rules, and you're in. Go crazy. You have two whole weeks. 

  1. Your story MUST start with this sentence: Janet was early. **
  2. Your story MUST end with this sentence: Of course, she didn't.
  3. Your story must be 100 words or less.

Janet was early. Early to bed when tempted by Franklin and friends. Not early to rise because there was no dough in it. But her publisher client had left her an ARC as a tip. 

She noticed she’d slept in her stilettos again. She wriggled into what was left of her dress, and downed her morning whiskey, neat. Janet hoisted the girls, tucked the manuscript into her lace-swathed cleavage, and smiled. She’d have done him just for the tip. 

Time for a fix at the corner bookstore before hitting her day job. Feel any regret?  Of course, she didn’t.

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