Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #4

Another flash fiction contest from the toothsome Janet Reid that I should have posted earlier:

100 words or fewer, using:  

“One more tube of lemon-yellow. Flourishes, careful, careful.”

“That’s nice...”

“A blitz of candied violets for the finish. A spun sugar crown, and done!”


“Here we have it-my finest sugar-blackout Divorce cake.”

“I’m not...”

“One hour after eating yours, ten years of marital misery will melt away.”

“I was really...”

“Two hours after sending his, your former partner will follow suit.”

“I don’t...”

“The piece de resistance, why, frosted arsenic on his rose petals.”

“I’m actually looking for a wedding cake.”

“Oh, well. Come see me in a few years then. Never mind about the petals.”

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