Monday, August 19, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #2

A flash fiction contest from the great Janet Reid that I should have posted earlier:

100 words or fewer, using:  

“She used a blade for the coup de grace on Harry. Got him when his back was turned.”

“The coop has no grace. We’re trapped in a dump. Full of crap and old seeds.”  

“I mean he got axed, birdbrain. Choppy-chop. I’m clawing my way out before I’m next. Wanna come?”

“There’s all those roads to cross...”


“Of course. Rhode Island Red and purebred.”

“Take care, Chanticleer.” 

“For a rat, Chet, you’re ok.”

“And with a small sharp instrument I’m unbeatable. Ever notice ratchet rhymes with hatchet...Watch your back, farm-girl.”

Chet crept away, knife in teeth.

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