Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #6

Another flash fiction contest from the flinty-eyed Janet Reid that I should have posted earlier:

100 words or fewer, using:  

“Get the icicles out of your ears. Call Wisconsin.”

“Keep your snowpants on, I heard you, I’m scooping up slush.”

“262-get-snow. They’re the only ones with summer product.”

“Toss me that spade, it’s like a glacier’s calving.”

“Can’t...I’m melting...”

“You’re stealing the witch’s line, careful about copyright, we have enough trouble.”

“Ice me down.”

“The Feds drained the power by running their ACs.”

“My artillery...the snow balls...”

“When Snowface told you to go into powder, he meant pharmaceutical grade, not ski quality.”

“Damn Snowden, the traitor. I swore I’d never sell to Tehran, that’s pure fiction.”

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