Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flash fiction contest from Janet Reid, #3

Another flash fiction contest from the fantastic Janet Reid that I should have posted earlier:

100 words or fewer, using:  

I held my sweating cocktail glass to my face, then scrubbed my cheeks with a bar napkin.

“Delightful. The old double kiss. Is he Eurotrash or a gangster?”

“Neither. He plays artist so he doesn’t have to sully his lily hands with actual work.”

“He doesn’t want to whack me?”

“No, just couch-surf you. He’s kind of a rent boy. Scammer.”

“Any family?”

“Died in a fire in Jersey.”

“Hmm. My dungeon is short a slave. Won’t the artiste be surprised?”

We laughed and fixed our lipstick. I sent the poseur a drink. Patience. Patience. Sharks circling bait. 

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