Friday, February 15, 2013

Flash Fiction Fridays, #6--Valentine's Flash

It’s Flash Fiction Fridays again. 
No random word generator this week: instead five words in honor of the holiday, same 100 words or fewer story.  We have: heart, flower, valentine, candy, arrow.  Please send in one of your own, due by midnight, Monday, New York time. Winner gets a critique of the first chapter of their WIP or poem.

     “Exploding candy box?”
     “What about poisoned flowers?”   
     “Threw them back in my face. Knocked me out for two days.”
     “Arrow dipped in curare?”   
     “Done. Bounced off the giant rock I got to handle her last year.”
     “What is she, immortal? Try a stake through the heart, whatever it takes.”
     “It’s hopeless. I even went St. Valentine’s on her, beating with clubs, stoning, the whole works. It was like fluffing her pillows. All that’s left is beheading, if I ever get close enough.”
     “She’s ruined your garden.”
     “I know. I curse the bastard who gave groundhogs their own holiday.”

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