Friday, April 12, 2013

Flash Fiction Fridays, #14

5 words picked by a random word generator, 100 words or fewer story.  We have:  roof, motorcycle, slide, morals, music. Please send in one of your own, due by midnight, Monday, New York time. Winner gets a critique of the first chapter of their WIP or poem.

     “Nothing like lying on a rooftop at night, sipping wine, shedding morals.”
     “Don’t slide too far. You’ll lose your reputation, and risk a fall.”
     “What is life without risk? I’m listening to the music of the spheres in the Eternal City. The world is beautiful.”
     “Tempus fugit.”
     “My motorcycle fugit. Breaks 140.”
     “Tough girl.” 
     “That’s a sour taste. I want sweet.”
     “Creep over here, I’ll oblige.”
     She reached a little too eagerly. He stumbled back to save himself, but his buttons tangled in her long hair. Together they fell, spilled wine and shattered glass, a shriek like blazing stars.

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