Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Fridays, #3

5 words picked by a random word generator, 100 words or fewer.  We have: golf, river, chicken, spar, danger. Please send in one of your own, due by midnight, Monday, New York time. Winner gets a critique of the first chapter of their WIP or poem.

“You have a golf scholarship?”
“Had. Dropped out. Partied too much.”
He laughed. “Good for business. The river is 250 meters wide. You can do it?”
“Sure. Where’s the balls?”
“Hidden under the chickens, in case anybody comes sniffing around.”
“I’m not into danger, I just need some cash. My girlfriend’s in a no-holds-barred bare-knuckle sparring match. I need betting money.”
“Impressive. Maybe I should hire her too.”
I cracked him with the club the second he turned around. Hire my girlfriend? She planned this whole thing.
Fox in the hen house, Colombia pure in the balls.

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