Friday, March 8, 2013

Flash Fiction Fridays, #9

5 words picked by a random word generator, 100 words or fewer story.  We have:  creature, horn, copier, heretic, beggar. Please send in one of your own, due by midnight, Monday, New York time. Winner gets a critique of the first chapter of their WIP or poem.

     “The copier of the Pearl manuscript was murdered!” 
     “What foul creature would kill a defenseless monk?” asked a novice.
     “Defenseless?” the abbot snickered. “With all the powdered horn he slipped in his beer, he was armed like a jousting knight. The way he kept defrocking himself we should have done the same, but he was our best copyist. ”
     Geoffrey nodded. “Nothing but whores, heretics, and honey wine. Nuns will cry in their cells tonight. A certain staff isn’t going on pilgrimage anymore.”
     The abbot sighed. “Always thinking with your quill. For a truly scandalous tale, there’s this woman in Bath...” 

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