Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012/

A Mayan and a non-Mayan child at a ruin, staring boldly into the post-apocalyptic New Year.

Unfortunately, I've read that the ruins at Tikal, Guatemala were irreparably damaged by pre-apocalyptic partygoers. I lived in Central America for several years, and I've been to Tikal a few times, and while I'm far from a morning person, I've willingly gotten up before dawn to go into the ruins and climb a pyramid to watch the sunrise and hear the jungle come to life. The howler monkeys roar like lions, and except for the tops of pyramids rising from the mist, you'd think you were on the Serengeti. You can either pay some ridiculous amount to an overpriced hotel to have them escort you in, or you can chat up a guard during the day and agree to meet him at the gate for about 100Q (Quetzales), or about $12.50 US for your entire group. If they don't tighten up the rules on visiting the site after this latest fiasco, I highly recommend.

Enjoy the last day of 2012, or baktun 13 katun 0 tun 0 uinal 0 kin 10!

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