Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the divine island

Spoiler alert:  You may want to read/see the Life of Pi before reading this.

If Pi is also symbolically the tiger, what is the carnivorous island stuffed with meerkats? It provides food and water by day, but its water turns toxic by night, and food sources become carnivorous.

I think the meerkats are humanity as a whole, consuming during the day, and risking being consumed by night. Is the island an allegory of the planet, fighting back after people's excessive consumption, devouring the devourer in humanity's twilight?

Is the island one of Pi's Gods, sacrificing itself and demanding sacrifice in return?

The jealous Old Testament God, Christ the Redeemer, Brahma the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer, an island that both gorges and gives?

What do you think?

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